Who want to be a President?

What’s the fun to be president of the republic of Indonesia? Every day reviled, each will visit are always confronted by people. Any momentum always protested. Every action is always considered wrong. The problem in Indonesia is not inexhaustible. Very complicated in every aspect of it. A short break in the middle that continue to come rushing to change sometimes is considered wrong.

Welfare and prosperity of Indonesia depends on us all. The government will not be able to move itself. But sometimes people think that prosperity can be achieved by replacing the president. Every time any president will never cease from the protests and criticism. Has any president to live in peace? The President also human. Maybe, that is the consequence of becoming a leader. However, Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is my president. I believe on him.

Bear in your mind that to be a strong state is needed not only government but also awareness of the role of the Indonesian people to move together, not only demanding but solutif diligent.










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