Bandung Natural Tourism

Indonesia is the beautiful country. There are so many magnificent tourism places lies from Sabang to Merauke. Bandung is one of the most populer city for tourist. Not only because of the cool weather, but also many beautiful natural tourism places attract tourist to visit. Okay, here we go, i’ll share to you interesting places I have visited before in Bandung.

1. Tangkuban Perahu Tangkuban Perahu is located on Lembang approximately 30 km from the center of Bandung city. You can find wonderful craters there. The most well known and also the largest crater is Ratu crater. It’s prohibited to go down to the bottom of the creater because of the poisonous gas. Casuarina trees growing on entire of the area makes Tangkuban Perahu more beautiful. It is easily reached if you wanna go to Tangkuban perahu. You can go there by car or motorcycle.

2. Ciater Next to Tangkuban perahu (about 8 km) lies warm bathing places known as Ciater. In the cold temperature in lembang you can warm your body there with the natural hot water source from mountain.

3. Kawah Putih Kawah putih is located on Ciwidey, southern Bandung. Kawah putih is a beautiful crater with a green water seen on the surface. Mountain side surrounding the lake makes view more beautiful. You can go to kawah putih by car or motorcycle.

4. Puntang. Puntang mountain is a camping area. It’s near Pengalengan. You can build a tent and then enjoy the adventure there. There is also Puntang waterfall that you can reach by 3 hours walking. The journey to the waterfall quite difficult and dangerous, so be careful.

5. Curug Malela Many people say that Curug Malela waterfall is the miniatur of Niagara Fall. It’s a huge waterfall with brown water there. Rough access to go there makes Curug Malela visited by few people. But you can feel more adventurous sensation during the trip.

Okay, those are some amazing natural places I have ever visited in Bandung. Bandung is just one of the many beautiful cities in Indonesia. Actually we have a lot of great tourism places compared by the others. You can find beaches, waterfalls, mountains, historical sites, and also so many traditional cultures and food in Indonesia.


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