While in Mutiara Selatan…

While in my trip to Surabaya (25/1/2012)…..

intisari, my best friend during the trip (in addition to chrisna)

Here is in the Mutiara Selatan Locomotive. Look, I think it’s rather bit different compared the last time I was on Mutiara Selatan. Hmm? what are the differents? It looks better than before. I think they have replaced the old dark green seat with the new white seat. What else? Hmm I don’t know but it seems more clean and convenient here. haha

Wow, what a beautiful sunshine inside the locomotive! haha (27/1/2012). Sunlight illuminating locomotive through the windows makes trip became more beautiful.

Surabaya, I’m coming!


2 thoughts on “While in Mutiara Selatan…

    • haha actually my first plan was by Kahuripan/Pasundan. But after considering safety (because we was bringing 2 notebooks) finally Mutiara Selatan had chosen.hahaha maybe next time I’ll ride on Pasundan/Kahuripan *haha dalam rangka belajar bahasa inggris Jek –“

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