Review of “3 Hati 2 Dunia 1 Cinta”

Based on its title, 3 hati 2 dunia 1 cinta contained about love story among 2 girls and a boy. The main characters in this movie are Rosid (Reza Rahardian) and Delia (Laura Basuki). The scene began with a performance by Rosid read poem on the stage in front of the audiences. It looks like audiences didn’t enjoy Rosid’s performance. After that Delia try to lighten Rosid’s mood. Honestly, there was a moment rocking me when Delia sat on the motorcycle behind Rosid and then she hold Rosid’s body. Rosid then said “we are not muhrim,..” “What else I can hold beside you? ” asked Delia. “God”, answered Rosid.

Rosid and Delia have different religion. Rosid is moslem and Delia is chinese heredity. They loved each other but unfortunely their relationship opposed by their parent. Rosid came from tough moslem family forbiding inter-religion marriage. To break their relationship, Mursyid’s parent asked him to marry Nabila (Arumi Bachsin), an obedient moslem. But Mursyid refuses that offer and decides to marry Delia. So, his father banished Rosid if he married Delia.

Likewise Delia, she rejected academic scholarship to USA given by her father just because she wants to be closer with Rosid. And someday, Rosid’s parent got accident. They were injured. Luckily, Delia was there. She joined in the rescue team. Finally,  Mursyid’s parent melted by Delia’s kindness. In the end of the scene, Delia met Rosid. It was decisive time whether they would live together or not. And Finally they decided to break up. Your happiness doesn’t has meaning if people around you are sad and suffer. They didn’t wanna hurt their parent’s heart.

There are so many values contained in this movie. This movie gives us description about most of Indonesian perception respond faith’s different. Rosid considered as stray by the community around his house because of his unusual thingking separating between culture and religion. This movie gives a lesson for us to accept and appreciate differences among each other. Religion created to bring peace and love. May you love someone the most and want to live with her forever together but who knows the future.


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