Yeah, everyone has their own seat

I’m going to go to Yogya this weekend. Actually I have been waited by my friend more than 4 years to visit Yogya. At first I planned to go there by Sancaka (business class locomotive). When I  ordered the ticket in Gubeng train stasion, I was having conversation with the officer. He said that nowadays there are no standing passengers anymore on economic class locomotive. Hmm.., Actually I had just once having a trip by economic locomotive. Wanna try new experience, I and my friend, Japeb, choosed Economic class locomotive to Yogya. It is Sritandjung that will be stopped at Lempuyangan Station. Sritandjung ticket price much cheaper than Sancaka. You just need to spend Rp 30,000, compared by Sancaka you should spend Rp 105,000.Yeah I can’t wait the adventure to Yogya this weekend! haha

appearance of the Economic ticket (Sritandjung)

look, it has numbered seat for each passenger. Hopefully no standing passenger anymore.


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