Lovely things of Surabaya

I have been living in Surabaya for about 7 years, had been in Palembang  for approximately 11 years and 4 years in Bandung. However, There are some things that I love the most in Surabaya. What are they?

1. Well-Managed Traffic

Despite the fact that Surabaya is the 2nd largest city in Indonesia, but its traffic isn’t as crowded as Bandung or Jakarta.  You can drive swiftly in the center of the city. I think it is because of its wide road and less population than Bandung. The things that make me amazed are terrific traffic policeman programs and good driver’s behaviour. When I was in high school, the policeman often held counseling events “ how to ride safely”. They visited schools in Surabaya and other instances. And then if you are driving around Surabaya, you’ll see many policeman stand by at almost every intersection. They warn you to turn on bulb light and drive safely. Compared with Bandung and Jakarta, people in Surabaya drive vehicle slowly and safely. Yeah, you can enjoy riding around Surabaya.

2. Friendly and Warm People

Honestly, I love people in Surabaya. They are welcome, warm and friendly.  They talk straight to the point and loudly but kind. You can feel more east-culture here. In the middle of the globalization that makes world borderless, the people still proud of their culture.

3. Lower  Living Cost

Hahaha, of course Living cost in Surabaya is lower than Bandung’s or Jakarta’s 🙂

**PS : I hope this article doesn’t makes you have too high expectation toward Surabaya, however I love Surabaya 🙂


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