Lone Survivor Review (7.0/10)



Lone Survivor tells a story about failed ambush of Osama bin laden. US army base sent a team, red team, consist of 4 soldiers. In the middle of their stealth interception, they got caught by native civilians. They deal with a situation to choose : kill those civilians hence they can continue their mission, set them up free in consequence they failed and back to the base. In the middle of their hesitation, the captain chose to failed their mission.  They didn’t know the big trouble is awaiting for them. A freed civilian told Taliban about US Army operation immediately. They chased US Army with massive amount of rifle armed soldiers. The fight couldn’t be avoided. The red team was attacked badly. They were shot, blown up by missile launchers. In the end, there was only one survivor, lone survivor who survived from Taliban.


User Review

Perhaps there are already a lot of movies that tell story about US army missions in middle east.  Hurt locker, Zero Dark Thirty are two of them. This movie is good, worth to watch. An intense rifle fight will pumps your heartbeat fast. It’s not like exaggerating battle like Rambo who can kills hundreds soldiers alone. It’s more realistic and make senses movie. The wound seems real. Actually nothing special in the storyline, no twist, no tricky plot. It’s like common mainstream movies which only main character who survived at the end. Lone Survivor offers you thrilling action. After watched the whole movie, it feels like watching Battlefield 4 EA Games  brought to the cinema. Yeah I imagined they are Pac, Irish, Recker and Dunn.

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