Comic 8 Review

User Rating : 7.9/10

Genre  : Comedy-Action

Actors  : Pandji, Ernest, Mongol, Fico, Nikita Mirzani, Agung Hercules, Indro Warkop, Nirina etc



Comic 8 tells story about bank robbery attempt by bunch of guys. Three unrelated teams coincidentally robbed same bank in the same time. They hijacked the bank and hostaged officer (nikita mirzani) and an old citizen (Indro warkop). Polices were given command to take them down. Realizing they were suppressed under polices attack, they agreed to work together as one team to escape with abundant money. And the rest of story it’s better unrevealed because comic 8 is full of unpredictable twists.

User Review :

Actually I was interested to watch this movie because I am stand up comedy fans. Almost all of actors in this movie are stand up comedian. So, by that fact, I had very high expectation to this movie. I had expected this movie would be hilariously funny.

After watched a whole movie, I can say that Comic 8 is much funny, but not as funny as I expected before. The movie is good, I think it’s only my expectation which too high. Honestly I enjoy more their performance in stand up comedy instead of in movie. Sometimes their jokes in comic 8 aren’t better compared with their content in stand up comedy. But still, it is very good and perhaps the best Indonesian comedy movie lately. It also offers great action effect. Slow motion and shooting scenes are the coolest! Sometimes It feels like watching action hollywood movie during gun fighting scene. The storyline is so good with unpredictable twist that (maybe) blow your mind in the end of the movie. So again, comic 8 is worth to watch. One of Indonesian superb movie has been released this year!


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