Nothing to Prove Anymore, Leo

Oscar has been over. I feel disappointed because of my favorite actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, won nothing. Well technically I am a fan of Leo’s movies. I started to pay attention to him after I had watched “Catch me if you can”. He played as  a trickster, Frank Abagnale Jr. My most favorite Leo’s movies are :

man in

The Man In The Iron Mask

man in

Catch Me if  You Can

man in

The Departed

man in


man in

Django Unchained

man in

Shutter Island

man in

Wolf of Walls Street

But among them, In my opinion the most outstanding Leo’s performance is at Wolf of Walls Street. I don’t say that his acting on his previous movies wasn’t good. it is very  good! But Wolf of Walls Street is beyond them.  He played as Jordan Belfort, a stock broker in Wall Street. He acted as outrageous, crazy, ambitious person that broke the law to runs the business. Sometimes he was crying, depressed, sometimes he was angry, mad and ambitiously had an astonishing speech rose the spirit of his employee. The most outstanding Leo’s acting is when he was intoxicated because of drugs. He acted like half palsied man even he must put much effort in order to step down through the stair. It was hilariously funny and slightly weird. He didn’t finish, he was trying to drive to home meanwhile he was under influence of drugs, he was only able to move a half of his body.

man in

Jordan Belfort, a briliant and passionate motivator and speaker

man in A Leonardo DiCaprio epic drug scene in Wolf of Wall street

Finally he got to home safely, even though with much dent on his fancy car. It wasn’t over, He was trying to stop his friend, Doni, communicating with FBI. The FBI agent disguised as an investor that interested to buy stock in market.  It was brilliant acting by Leo! After watching a whole movie, I recognized that Leo was deserved for Oscar through this movie. Perhaps, it was his best performance in his career so far. When the Oscar 2013 winner for best lead actor was being announced, I can saw his disappointment. He was trying to hold his cry. When I had put my best effort to something that I excited the most and then failed, indeed I would shed my tear. You are crying when you get something that you want to the most after all your endeavor that you have been through otherwise you have ended up with failure. My heart was touched when I was seeing Cristiano Ronaldo winning speech for Ballon D’or 2013. He was crying. After waiting so long, he defeated Messi, his strongest rival in La League.

man in

Cristiano Ronaldo’s tears of joy at FIFA Ballon D’or 2013 Award. He was declared at the best footballer on the earth

Finally he has proven that he is the best football player in the world. So does Leonardo Dicaprio. He has proven that he is one of the best Hollywood actors of all time through his performance and high class movies that he had made. Nothing to prove, Leo, people know that you already a winner in their hearts.  But still, deep down in my heart  I want to see Leo wins an Oscar award someday as the best lead actor.

man in

Oscar 86th Academy Award : Leo hugged and kissed  the best actor winner (honestly I don’t know who he is). The Wolf of Wall Street isn’t enough to give him an Oscar Award


One thought on “Nothing to Prove Anymore, Leo

  1. Wah, masa ga tau itu siapa ky, Matthew McConaughey, filmnya udah banyak padahal, tapi kebanyakan genre nya drama komedi gitu, baru akhir-akhir ini banyak peran serius. Btw, dia aktor utama di film Nolan berikutnya lho.

    Aku belum nonton Dallas Buyer Club sih, baru liat trailernya. Kayaknya aktingnya sih keren, cuma lebih bagus dari Leo di Wolf of Wall Street ato engga, belum bisa komen.

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