Interstellar Review

I had a plan to write a review for the best movie in 2014. Few months backward some grand spectacles had been released, you can mention : X-Men past of the future days, Guardian of Galaxy, Fury. Once after I watched every of those movies, I wanted to write a review and proclaim it for the best movie in 2014. Patience prevails. I refrain myself and decide to write it in the end of the year. But it didn’t applied after I watched INTERSTELLAR.

Interstellar. It was my most anticipated movie in 2014. I have been dying waiting since January for this movie to release. I read review about it almost every day and prayed “please don’t let this movie sucks and kills my expectation”. The review in metacritics and rotten tomatoes only give it rating 76 of 100 though IMDB gives 95 of 100. I read other reviews that said Interstellar isn’t best movie of Nolan’s, some of them say it fails. I started to think, “well perhaps Interstellar is overrated”. Big budget, contained by Oscar winner actors, directed by most phenomenal director that created Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception, hired Kip Thorne (astrophysical professor from Caltech) as expected high-valued spectacle. Last night I attended its premier with high expectation and the result : I was blown away! It is hauntingly beautiful and top notch. Nolan managed to compose heart touching drama, sci-fi, action, wild imagination perfectly with right dose given. I almost drop a tear at some scene because its beauty. Like Inception, It is brainy and intelligent sometimes you must watch it more than once to catch whole plot and digest the sent messages. In my subjective opinion, Interstellar is as astonishing top notch as Dark Knight. It’s like inception (twisty, brainy, complex and having ‘wow’ factor) but with addition profound father-daughter bonding. I’ll give it rating 9.1 of 10.



Story-Plot Revelation

The story told about interstellar voyage through vast distance to find new planet for mankind. The space voyagers consist of Cooper, an ex-skilled aircraft pilot who decided to return and lead the expedition (played brilliantly by Matthew McConaughey, Oscar winner through Dallas Buyers Club), Brand (scientist, played by Anne Hathaway), TARS (funny & reliable robot), and other crews. At that time earth was being attacked by heavy dust storm so that most of corn and grain fields rot and died. Because of foods & health deprivation menace for the future generation, NASA initiates secret project called Lazarus. Cooper was chosen to lead Lazarus mission through ‘strange’ gravity phenomenon gave him address to the secret site of NASA (later it would be revealed that cooper has chosen himself. It must be done to give a chance for Murphy in order to save the mankind). Actually it is not an easy decision for Cooper to leaves his family. But it leaves no choice in order to save his family. Her lovely daughter, Murphy, confronts his decision since there is no certainty for the possibility to come back on earth. Murphy doesn’t know that the mankind is threatened. What she understood was her father left her to follow his passion in space travel.

Lazarus is a project to find highly potential planet to inhibit from several preliminary observed planets. Later while Cooper hasn’t found NASA secret site, Prof. Brand had sent 13 teams to find potential habitable planets on the other side of wormhole. Because of limited fuel, the surveyors can’t back to earth immediately. If they find the potential one, they can emit the beacon to tell NASA for the planet location. From 13 sent voyagers, NASA only receive back 3 beacon from 3 planet’s locations. They are from Edmond’s, Mann’s and Miller’s Planet. Prof. Brand and team take a chance since they can’t visit all of those planets because of limited fuel and time as well.

The project that led by professor Brand comes with 2 options : option A (primary option) and option B (alternative option). Option A is finding potential planet to live for mankind and then move people on earth there. To accomplish that plan, Prof. Brand needs to crack gravity equation for fifth dimension so that he can build huge space ark  (NASA secret base) to bring remaining survivors on earth to the new home planet (at that time Prof. Brand haven’t cracked it yet). So during Cooper’s interstellar travel, Prof. Brand has a lot of time to solve that. Plan B is if the team find suitable planet for resettlement but can’t turn back to earth (because of lack of fuel) or Prof. Brand can’t solve the equation so that he can’t move the mankind, they must plant and multiply frozen human zygotes that brought in their spacecraft so that the continuity of mankind existence is guaranteed with the downside neglecting people on earth for dying. They must manage it wisely since its limited fuel and time (as per general relativity theory from Einstein, 1 hours on those planets with 7 years on earth so that time is become the most important resource). To shorten the odyssey, they must to travel to other galaxy through wormhole existed near Saturn. The wormhole alleged prepared on purpose by “them” (in my own interpretation “they” are higher level advanced civilization, alien, who can control space-time and fifth dimension). It seems “They” want to aid people not to get doomed by environmental calamity on earth. After they surpass the wormhole, the first destination is Miller’s planet. They need to extract and bring the data from the recorder by tracking received beacon location. For the efficiency, Rom stand by in Endurance (space station) to learn and solve special gravity equation meanwhile Cooper and team land on Miller’s planet. Once they arrived on Miller’s planet, they got nothing potential. It was just full of ocean and huge wave occurs almost every minutes. They found Miller was died swapped by wave. Not to jeopardize the mission and save time, Cooper command the team to get back on the ranger and leave the planet. But Still, Amelia Brand hard headed to find the data recorder by ignoring the coming wave. The result, Doyle was died and their spacecraft was broken contained by water. To fix it, CASE & TARS need time almost 1 hour for drying. Amelia feel sorry because of her stubbornness. While they back to Endurance, they surprise find Rom become old. According to his time, he has been waiting for 23 years for cooper to comeback. Yet, after that long time he is still can’t figure the equation.

The left crews are Cooper, Brand and Rom. They must choose which planet they must visit either Mann’s or Edmund’s. They only can choose one. Amelia Brand persistent choose Edmund’s planet.  She is falling in love with Wolf Edmund. She beliefs that only love can transcends interstellar space and time. Thinking Amelia is clouded by emotion rather than objectivity in judgement, Cooper rejects that suggestion. He prefers to choose Mann’s planet because its convincing background of Mann itself. Lately it was revealed that Mann falsified the data. Mann’s planet isn’t habitable as per Mann stated. He had realized that this planet doesn’t suit for human. Terrified left alone and die, he sent the beacon and expect one day there is someone come there and save him. On that planet, it was revealed as well that Plan A is a fake. Prof Brand actually had cracked the equation, he had realized that it needs Quantum data parameter that only can get by entering the blackhole. His conclusion was : The equation is unsolvable since it is impossible to travel through blackhole and he doubt he able to moves mankind to the new home. He thought that Plan B is more realistic and convincing to achieve, so he deceived cooper and his daughter. Knowing those facts, cooper want to back to Earth. Mann didn’t let Cooper do that instead trying to kills him. Mann agreed with the Plan B and he need Cooper’s space station, endurance, to continue the journey in finding habitable planet. Later, Mann was died because of the explosion while he was trying for docking at Endurance. The only remain planet is Edmund’s. Cooper endorsed Amelia Brand to execute plan B in Edmund’s while TARS was crossing the blackhole to get quantum data for cracking the equation (since it is impossible go back to earth because of fuel deprivation so the only way is plan B). Cooper planned to get there by utilizing suction force of blackhole (since they were run out of fuel to land on edmund). To reduce the weight, cooper decided to release his ranger and sacrified himself sucked into blackhole, gargantua. Luckily Cooper trapped inside the blackhole (fifth dimension world that he believes prepared by higher level civilization or “They”). He was lied in tesseract with an abundant range of space-time dimension that connected to the library in his house (Murphy’s room). Knowing He still wired with TARS that got the quantum data, he was trying to send those to earth. The only chance to save the world is  telling that data to someone on earth so that the equation can be solved. And then he chose to tell Murphy about that quantum data by gravitational manipulation. He just realized that “THEY” actually chose Murphy, not him, to save the world. “They” built tesseract that connected to the various of space time of Murphy’s room on purpose for cooper. He was just assigned to send the codes to earth by bridging 5th dimension to 3rd dimension world. I assume that power of love as father daughter bonding causes Murphy realized that her father is “the ghost” and trying to send a messages (as per Amelia  Brand stated that love can transcends space and time). Fortunately, Murphy succeeded crack the equation and bring the remaining people to the space station  (called cooper station) for searching new home. After that, fifth dimension that trapped Cooper was closed by the higher dimension creature. Cooper thinks that “they” are the future advanced civilized human that have ability to control space time and back to the past. “They” want to save human or their self from the extinction. At that time he stranded on the space. Few minutes later he was saved by the ranger (few minutes on Cooper’s perception is equal with decades on Murphy’s). Finally he met Murphy aged hundred year and after that he decided to continue his travel finding his love, Amelia Brand, in Edmund’s. Yeah Edmund’s planet is habitable and Amelia Brand can only wait to be saved after send the beacon.

“Love is one thing that transcends time and space”



It is a must-see movie. Its story is much larger and wilder than Gravity with excellent performance from the actors. Actually there are some scenes that I believe can be elaborated more. For example about Cooper’s decision joining (again) NASA team for Lazarus project. C’mon the duration is almost 3 hours and I feel little bit weird that suddenly cooper agreed Prof. Brand’s offer. Secondly, I think it is better if the director elaborates heavy dust storm disaster deeper and stronger. It isn’t displayed that the disaster attacks a whole world so that the mankind urged to find new planet. It just detailed and seen the catastrophy attacks some areas in USA. Besides that I think interstellar is flawless. I can proudly confess that this is the best movie in 2014 (no need to wait others movies to say that). No no.. it’s more than that, Interstellar is one of the best movies I have ever watched. It’s beautiful, touching, brainy, complex at the same time.

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3 thoughts on “Interstellar Review

  1. nice review 🙂
    But, I am still hoping that you will transform your high enthusiasm to more enthusiastic scientific-based review. I think it’ll be more attractive and can be an interesting discussion.

    Sorry for my bad english :p

    • thanks, sist! what a great idea writing an article about the science behind interstellar movie. Unfortunately I barely understand quantum physic theories –” I think either physics student or real scientist more capable of doing that.

      your english is fine, my apology for my grammer misuse in this article 🙂

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