Recommended Nylon String for Guitar

I have been playing nylon guitar since 5 years ago. Either your string was broken off or didn’t produce accurate tone anymore, you need to buy the one. Honestly I’m a newbie guitar player and don’t know how to choose the best nylon string. I just try one and other brands randomly like yamaha, pyramid,etc. The best nylon string that I’ver used is D’addario Pro Arte (reasonable and affordable price IDR 85K-125K; i’m still using it). The sound is smooth, clear and sharp. And I think it’s compatible with my guitar (i’m using Yamaha Classic Guitar C-315 and D’addario pro arter much better than its original string).The first you’ve installed the string, the sound is little bit cranky, unclear and you need to tune it over and over again (like a month). But after it’s steady, the sound is much better (hmm… i guess the problem isn’t on the string but on my tie technique :p)

If you have any recommended brand for nylon string, please let me know :p (with affordable price of course)

pro arter d'addario
D’addario Pro Arte EJ45

pro arter d'addario 2
Another packaging of D’addario Pro Arte EJ45

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